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Team-Force Penang 1st Mega Inter TT (29/01/2011)

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Penang Area Leader
Penang Area Leader
Team-Force Penang had organized our 1st mega inter TT with BLM Club, Team Trinity, Team Murky, Team City and Avanza club.
Objective: To promote Team-Force in Penang.

Attended members:
1) Nixon (Undeniable) , TF-088
2) Siang (xyeohts) , TF-069
3) Micheal236 , TF-099
4) Thrish , TF-036
5) Irwin Tan , TF-098
6) Seng , TF-083
7) Sheng (Wallnut) , TF-093
Cool Nesh , TF-081
9) Allen , TF-100
10) Kumaren , TF-041

Mega Inter TT done successfully.
A very big thanks to all Penang members who attend & supported the event.

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2Team-Force Penang 1st Mega Inter TT (29/01/2011) Empty ...... on Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:13 am

Sky Toro

Sky Toro
Good job and the best of penang star Very Happy
Hope you guys will have a continue sweet moment there,cheers ~

Team-Force ROCK !!!

cheers cheers cheers

Team-Force Penang 1st Mega Inter TT (29/01/2011) Tfsignature222
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